How to track an order?

How to track an order?

What do carrier statuses mean?

How do I track my order:

You are able to track the order from the orders summary page in your Seller Portal by checking the ‘Courier Status’ column. As well as this you can click on the three dots and click “view tracking details” to see a full tracking history. 

Note: If the order is using an untracked service then you will be unable to see the status of the order.

What the Carrier Tracking Statuses Mean:

Warehouse status



The package has been delivered to the destination

Out for delivery

The package has left the sortation centre and driver should deliver that day

In transit

The order has been collected from the warehouse and the courier is getting the package to its final sort centre / depot before last mile delivery.

Info received

The shipping label has been generated but the carrier hasn’t scanned the label.

Available for pickup

The package is available for pick up by the customer at the pick up location

Failed attempt

Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, and usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver again.


Custom hold, undelivered, returned shipment to sender or any shipping exceptions. Please check the “view tracking details” for more information why the delivery is in the Exception status.

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