Despatch Policy and cut-off time

Despatch Policy and cut-off time


The purpose of this article is to show the sellers the cut-off time of our warehouses and policies related to despatching orders.

Cut-off time

Cut-off time14:00
*Note that the time zone is in London, UK (GMT+1)

There is a 15-30 min delay between the time the order is placed on your sales channel and the time the order is imported into the Bezos system.

Manual orders

If you upload manual orders, the despatch policy will apply differently based on the table below:

Number of Orders
Upload Time
0 - 10
2 hours before cutoff  for same day despatch
10 +
10 hours before cutoff for same day despatch

Orders on OnBackOrder status
If you have more than 10 orders that are waiting for stock to arrive at the warehouse, please be aware that we will do our best efforts to despatch all orders on the same day, however, this is not guaranteed. 

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