Pricing FAQ

Pricing FAQ

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Goods In

Bezos will charge you for Goods In when you send stock to our warehouse. We can receive your product in containers and pallets. A pallet will contain multiple cartons which will contain your individual SKUs (Products) 

This covers the costs of the warehouse receiving and stocking your product.


Bezos will charge you for Returns when a customer sends a product back. We will charge a small processing fee for each return.

This covers the costs of checking the product and restocking if the product is not damaged.


Bezos will charge you a daily fee to store the product in the warehouse. The fee is based on the dimensions of the product.

This covers the cost of storing you prodi=uct in the warehouse

What are Fulfilment Charges?

For every order that is processed on our system we will charge fulfilment. Fulfilment is the act of someone in the warehouse finding and picking your product ready for the order to be shipped. When an order is placed in our system and has been picked we charge full price for the first pick and then a lower rate for any additional picks on the same order.

What is last mile delivery?

We charge for last mile delivery when we send the order to your customer. We use a lot of different Couriers including Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, Parcelforce and Hermes to ensure that the product gets delivered correctly and on time.

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