What reporting is available, and how do I use it?

What reporting is available, and how do I use it?

What reporting is available, and how do I use it?

Available Reports:

Report Name


Orders - All Orders

This is a report of all your orders for the given time range.

Returns - All ReturnsThis is a report of all your returns for the given time range.
Inventory - Levels Today
This is a report of the inventory levels for each SKU in each warehouse

How do I create a report?
1. Go to the Reports page in your Bezos Seller Portal

2. Select the report you would like to generate

3. Select date range for the report you would like to create. Some reports do not require a date range, and rather reflect the current status.

4. Click Create Report. Once the report is created, download it by clicking the green download button, and open the report with your preferred spreadsheet tool. 

Note if the report isn't viewable in the reports table please click the refresh button.

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